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Founded by Charles Thomas

[ State of Georgia Licensed Private Investigator ]


Charles Thomas is a Georgia-Licensed Private Investigator with over 29 years as a Field Investigator, Undercover Operative, SIU Investigator, and various positions within Security Operations.  Thomas has worked within the Civil and Criminal realms amid local, state, and federal law enforcement organizations. As a founder of Positive Inquiry, established in 2005, Thomas led a small group that provided surveillance to support the insurance industry and private persons doing Worker’s Compensation/Liability, Civil/Domestic Investigations, and Locates.  Positive Inquiry has emerged as an investigative agency that consistently distinguishes itself through its performance that clients can depend on. Positive Inquiry, a Veteran-Owned Agency is proud to service your local, state or federal cases. 


Managing Partner: Andrew Hicks, Sr.

[ State of Georgia Licensed Private Investigator ]

As Managing Partner, Andrew Hicks, Sr. has worked in Criminal Investigations and Fugitive Investigations for over 24 years with local, state and Federal agencies. In today's changing times and a world of uncertainty, working in real world situations has helped Andrew garner the ability to solve unique cases using the Dark Web, Person to Person contact, Witness Statements, Undercover Work, Criminal Profiling, Case Formation, Interrogations,  Fugitive Apprehensions, Surveillance,  and Fugitive Location Services. As your Premier Investigation Agency, Positive Inquiry is geared to service your needs in a confidential and discreet manner.  

As your Premier Investigation Agency, Positive Inquiry Investigators have a passion for bringing resolve to their cases they are investigating. When you are in need of an Investigator as a Private Citizen, Local, State or Government Agency, Positive Inquiry Investigator's will handle and service your case in a discreet and confidential manner. 


Tel:  404-669-6102  

3470 McClure Bridge Rd Suite #2486 Duluth, Ga. 30096

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